The Whole Chile Pepper Book Review

The Whole Chile Pepper Book
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A total source book, everything one needs to know about chiles is here. Part science book, complete with botanical information, part history book with all the 411 on origins of the various chiles, but mostly a recipe book. The beauty of this book lies in the fact that exposure is given to the use of chile throughtout the world. Typically many think of the dishes of Mexico and it's southern neighbors as "hot" food, but this book shows the use of the chile in cuisines throughout the world. The interesting tidbits of information provided about how the chile came to be a part of the cuisine is most fascinating. Old world meets new world cuisines. Many of the recipes are tradional fares that can be found in other books but the truly exotic, different cuisine awaits those who have adventurous taste buds. In the mood for a little African soup? A simple enough recipe consisting mainly of peanut butter, chiles, chicken broth and the usual suspects of diced onions, carrots and oil and you're ready for a starter on your menu. An excellent book for someone looking to serve up some fiery worldly cuisine the book offers recipes on some of the most exotic dishes imagineable. A great book to be used over and over again, year after year, your friends will be impressed when you serve them up something yummy they have never tried before.

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The editors of The Whole Chile Pepper magazine present the definitive book on chile peppers--history, lore, and over 150 tongue-tingling, throat-scorching recipes. Includes a field guide with full-color photos identifying 27 often-confusing varieties of peppers; extensive gardening and preservation instructions; mail-order and seed sources; the latest health claims; and more.

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